Saturday, July 23, 2011

Episode 9: My Kids Are Funny

Update:  Now with more cute!  I added a video of Alex and his new skill.

Hey strangers!  I'm back from my fabulous vacation and knew you'd be missing me.  I'll have more on that and other thoughts that I've had but not shared (such a rare occurrence!) soon.  Today I had to say good-bye to my parents as they headed back to Texas.  *sigh*

So, to cheer myself up and to give you a little Stephanie, here are some cute things from the boys.

Look!  I caught me some Buddies!

*  The other night we (my parents, the boys, my husband, and I) were all in the living room together.  My dad likes to push Jack's buttons, so he started tickling him.  Jack sometimes likes this and other times gets pissed.  Tonight, he was pissed.  I told him to just tell Grandpa that he wasn't in the mood to be funny or play games right now.  (See how awesome I am?  I empower my kids to use words to express themselves.  Words like, "MOMMY!  You are driving bad!")  Grandpa respected Jack's wishes, and Jack was fine.  All was well.  Then Grandpa started talking to Alex and being silly with him.  Alex said, "Grandpa!  This is not a time for jokes!"  It was so funny because Alex is the silliest boy ever, but he nailed the tone of voice to reprimand Grandpa about when it's okay to be silly.
More cute Buddy talk and a video after the jump!

*  The boys have this game where they line up all their cars and then sell them to each other.  They also enjoy selling them to any adult in the room.  When Alex offers you a car and gives you a price, all you have to do is say you will pay less, and he says okay.  So, Grandpa taught him that he needs to be firm on his price.  Now, Alex offers you a car for say, five dollars.  You counter with four dollars.  And then, my 3 and a half year old says, "No sir, no sir, my price is five dollars."  Freakin' hilarious!

*  And finally, a sweet note from my Jackers.  Today Grandpa was telling the boys that it was time for him and Nana to go home.  Alex said, "But I don't want you to go."  Grandpa and I both got tears in our eyes.  Then my strong, silent-type Jack looked up from his cars and smiled at Grandpa as he put his sweet little Jack hand on Grandpa's arm.  I started sobbing and had to leave the room.  Because I am super emotionally stable.

Bye-bye Nana and Grandpa!  You took great care of us, and we had so much fun!  We'll see you in Texas in December!


picture quiz said...

your comments are working fine

Carla said...

Can't wait to hear about your vacation adventures, and love the kid comments!

Niki said...

Such cuties! But you knew that already. ;-) I'm with Carla. I want to hear about your vacation! Sorry I never heard back from my friend. I'm thinking she doesn't check that email address often.